Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's a long story. We tried to find an opening from Rockland to Camden, but they had none. We continued north to Belfast and tried another one. Finally, we found an opening. Searsport Shores had room.

Giving my name at check-in, I was asked if I'd ever stayed here before. I don't know why the red flags didn't start waving then. To top it off, she said "I thought I recognized you."

I recognized her too. Becky, Megan and I had camped here 5 years before for a family reunion. There was a bit of a problem. We had paid for 2 sites, had even asked if we could put 2 tents on one site. Our site flooded and we moved our tent to our daughter's site. That caused a problem. The manager and I ended up shouting at each other. I couldn't seem to communicate why our site was unusable.

Back to the present. She searched for our name and could only find Becky's. She was able to pull that up. She had already found us a nice site (and it is a very nice campground). Finally, she says, "Uh, there's a note. It says "There was a disturbance on you last visit."

I explained what happened, even though I knew it was her involved. She asked, "Will there be any disturbance tonite?" I told here, "Not unless we have 5 inches of water in our tent." She said "It might rain tonite."

Then she said "The note says I can't rent to you."

I put my credit card away and left without a word.

This is it. I wouldn't stay here.